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We are excited to be stocking these hand woven towels!

Towel Collection - Sera Helsinki

Artisans hand spin the natural cotton fibres, pot dye the thread in small batches and weave the towels on traditional handlooms. Hand made thread makes the towels extremely soft and absorbing. The dyes are all AZO free and REACH certified. All Sera Helsinki towels are

WFTO Fair Trade. ​ Available in: Hand Towel Size: 19" x 30" Beach Towel Size: 39" x 70"

A beautiful collection of ethically cotton towels, combining modern Finnish design with traditional Ethiopian craftsmanship. Born out of a love and compassion for humanity; Sera Helsinki collections provide to improve the living standards of the artisans by empowering the most vulnerable groups in Ethiopia.

When Anna Suoheimo moved from Finland with her family to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, she was heartbroken by the plight of persons with disabilities and the situation of single mothers. Mostly, they are outcast from society with little opportunity.

Anna wanted to do her part to change their lives for the better. She set out to start a business that could change the world one rug at a time and worked together with Finnish and Ethiopian Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to create a product chain that would benefit people with disabilities of Ethiopia.


The goal is to create hundreds of new job opportunities for vulnerable groups by creating a local economy from employing the traditional weaving methods of Ethiopia with the supply of wool raised by local shepherds utilizing traditional sheep herding in the countryside.


About the Ethiopian manufacturer of the towels for Sera Helsinki... We are a monitored member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). We comply with 10 principles set out by WFTO that guide us on how to be a company that empowers and elevates the people we employ.

We provide sustainable income to more than 120 people. Our employees earn about 250% more than the industry average for the work they do. Employees have permanent contracts and receive regular salaries every month. The work week is 37.5 hours (vs. the average, legal 48 hour work week in Ethiopia). Employees receive pensions, paid vacation, maternity leave and medical coverage. Staff members who are interested in going to school get time off to do so. All employees attend regular and comprehensive training and capacity building. Fifty percent of our staff is women and about 75% of the management positions are held by women. We use only environmentally friendly dyes and have a water filtration system working to minimize our environmental impact. The workshop is airy and light with lots of space for the employees. We re-distribute a percentage of our profits each year in bonuses. We introduce our artisans to world-renowned fashion designers,business people and stylists so they can learn what is needed to succeed in the global market.

Thanks to Studio Nordhaven for distributing this gorgeous collection!

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