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There are 3 steps in a basic skincare routine: cleanser / toner / moisturizer. We have already discussed cleansers and toners in previous blogs and and now we will talk a little about moisturizing. At SiSi Georgian Bay we include Face Lotion in our pretty wild face care trio.

What is a moisturizer and do we really need it? Moisturizing your skin helps it to maintain a balance. When your skin is too dry or too oily, problems can appear: such as a more pronounced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or acne. Using a cream or lotion locks in moisture and creates a protective barrier for your skin. Wether you use a cream or lotion depends on a few factors.

If your skin tends to be very dry, you might want to use a cream, which simply means it has a higher oil content. If your skin is normal to oily, you should choose a lotion, which has a higher water content.

Sometimes the time of year, and time of day, play a factor in which type of moisturizer you will benefit from most. A lotion is great in the hot summer months, as it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy on skin. This is because the higher water content gives it a smaller molecular size. This is also a good reason to use lotion during the day, when you may also want to wear make-up over it or just not want your face to look greasy.

A cream moisturizer is good for the winter months, when your skin may experience more dryness. As well if you have very dry skin, a cream - that leaves a bit of greasier feeling - is great to use over night.

As with SiSi Georgian Bay's cleansers and toners, we have 3 varieties available in our lotion: Rose Geranium and Lavender Ylang as well as an unscented option.

We suggest the Rose Geranium for normal to mature skin, because it is made with beautiful oils that are high in omega fatty acids, which contain many anti-aging properties. The Lavender Ylang is great for normal skin, as it is created with organic sunflower oil and jojoba oil - which most resembles our skin's own sebum. However, both are filled with nutrient rich ingredients that truly nurture and pamper skin. Often, it is the scent that is the deciding factor with our customers.

Read more about our face lotion here:

We are always researching, and the natural cosmetic industry is constantly introducing exciting and new natural ingredients, to meet customer demand for clean beauty. We have been busy formulating a new Night Cream, and hope to introduce it very soon.

Thanks for reading and stay wild.

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