Connecting with Nature

Updated: Feb 4

A winter walk in the forest can definitely soothe the soul!

The other day I was working in my home office doing research on my computer. As often happens, I was being led down a rabbit hole of information, sometimes getting completely off track from my initial purpose. I was also getting frustrated and my husband sensed it. He invited me to take a break and join him on a walk through the woods. I didn't feel like I had accomplished enough, but decided I needed a change. So I got bundled up and we set off on our hike. Wandering through the woods and connecting with nature always makes me feel alive. Even better, we had a destination in mind. It was exactly what I needed!

A familiar walk to a favourite spot to take pause for a moment. A time to reflect, and more importantly, a time to just be still, to breathe in the fresh air and sit in wonder of our beautiful surroundings. Majestic trees, a peaceful flood, and gorgeous rock cliffs that never disappoint.

There are many benefits to deepening our connection with nature; to understanding nature and everything it is made up of. Our forests, rivers, oceans and soils provide us with the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. A walk in nature has both physical and mental health benefits. It also helps to remind us to be respectful of our environment and encourages us to live a more sustainable life.

So I truly hope you take time each week (maybe a few times) to go for a walk with the purpose to connect with nature. Maybe hug a tree, really feel the awe nature inspires and say thank-you to our beautiful earth for all it gives to us!

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