Natural + Safe Protection from the Sun

We make our Sun Lotion with 100% natural ingredients. Our formula contains 22% non-nano (safe for coral reefs) zinc oxide, which is equivalent to 25 - 30 SPF. This means it should be applied every 2 to 3 hours if staying out in the sun. We also use ingredients that nourish the skin and have some UVA and UVB protective properties themselves, such as: rice bran oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, along with vitamin e oil and beeswax (which also helps to repel water when swimming).

Zinc oxide works as a physical barrier as opposed to chemical. This means it will leave a white cast on skin which works by reflecting the suns rays. Some people do not like this feature while others expect it. We prefer it to chemical sun blocks that absorb into skin and are harmful to the environment and people (we included a link below to a great article with information on harmful ingredients to watch out for in chemical sun screens).

One awesome feature of the white cast is that it is much easier to apply to children without missing any spots! If you are not into a white cast when applying to your face, cocoa powder or foundation or mica etc. can be blended with it to match your skin tone better. We don’t want to mislead you though, the white cast is not crazy thick, and really just gives your skin a paler appearance.

Packaging our sun lotion has been an ongoing challenge. We used plastic bottles in the past, so the lotion could be squeezed out easily.

However we are trying to stop using plastic altogether and made the switch to glass. The consistency proved to be a bit too thick for our amber glass bottles with pumps, so then it was on to glass jars. Now we have concerns about the glass jars breaking if accidentally dropped on the rocks, so this season we are trying cardboard tubs.

These eco-friendly tubs are biodegradable and lightweight, so we feel this is a great option. They are not water resistant though, so dropping them in the water would not be great! Seriously, who would have thought it would be such a struggle to find an appropriate sun lotion container?

Having said all of that, we also plan to keep the Sun Lotion stocked in our Refill Station, so customers can bring in any container they choose to fill up. We just request the container be clean and dry with a secure lid. So if perhaps you prefer a glass jar, you can package the sun lotion that way. Keep in mind you can always purchase a container from us!

We are including a link to a great article by Alive magazine

"How to Be Sun Safe" with tips on protecting yourself naturally from harmful UVA and UVB rays!

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