Sun Protection - Part 2

We've got you covered this season with two choices for your sun protection needs! First we have our original Sun Lotion formula, which is a lotion-like consistency and perfect for the face! Second, and new this year, we formulated our Sun Butter, which is thicker - kind of like butter - and goes on great all over your body. We know this may be a little confusing, and having a choice just means you have a decision to make, which may not be easy for everyone. So we want to explain our choice in providing the two options, and give some information to help you pick which one is best for you!

As mentioned in our earlier blog about sun protection, we explained our dilemma in finding the perfect packaging. For years we used a plastic squeeze bottle, which although it made dispensing the lotion easy, we just did not feel good at all using plastic!

Our next choice was an amber glass jar, which we already use for many of our products. The jar works great to protect the contents within, and has a secure screw top lid. However, the possibility of the glass breaking was our biggest concern, especially if the jar is at the bottom of your beach bag which then gets dropped or tossed!

With this in mind, we researched eco-friendly packaging, and came up with the brilliant idea to use cardboard tubs. Our first experiment with this packaging did not go very well though. We were using our original sun lotion formula, which we soon learned is too loose for the cardboard containers. The lids do not screw on, but rather slip on, and the lotion leaked out when the container was turned on it's side. Again, the potential for a messy situation in your beach bag!

We really loved the look and idea of the cardboard tubs, so we decided we could still use them, but only if we made the formula thicker. We wanted to keep all the ingredients the same, along with the zinc oxide percentage, so we just adjusted our measurements. The end product was more like a butter than a lotion, which works great in the tubs.

We have been making sun lotion for many years, and customers are familiar with it now, so changing the formula would not be welcomed by all. So we have decided to make both formulas (we are suckers for extra work) and offer customers a choice. The lotion in an amber glass jar, or the butter in a cardboard tub. Both are much better options than plastic when it comes to the environment. The glass jars can be refilled or reused and the biodegradable cardboard tubs are light and eco-friendly.

If you need more help deciding which is best for you, keep in mind you might not prefer to use the thicker formula on your face, so the Sun Lotion would then be recommended. You can keep the amber glass jar with your other face care products, which you already handle with care. The Sun Butter is recommended for the body, as it goes on thicker and is lightly scented with natural flavour oils of coconut and vanilla! Bring it along with you and feel good knowing it won't break if you accidentally drop it! Of course some people will use the butter on their face and the lotion on their body, after all the choice yours to make.

We hope you have fun in the sun this season, but remember to protect yourself. Wear a wide brimmed hat, light coloured clothes that will reflect the sun's rays, find some shade to hang out in during the mid day hours when the sun is at it's peak, drink lots of water and wear sun protection; preferably with zinc oxide which acts as a physical barrier by reflecting the sun's rays, as opposed to a chemical barrier that penetrates the top layers of your skin.

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