What inspired our "pretty wild" logo?

Formulating and creating natural products, to soothe nourish pamper and protect your skin, is our passion. However, there is so much more that goes into building a brand. There is always a story behind every company, and ours began with a need to find a natural treatment for our own daughter. Our business has grown naturally since then, as we continue to strive to create products that satisfy a real customer need.

As our product line grew, we realized it was important to focus on our company brand as well. We needed to reflect our values and inspirations. We decided to redesign our logo and recreate our brand. This wasn’t something we could do by ourselves (and when we say we, we really mean Andrea with a little help from family and friends). Andrea was focused on creating fine quality skin care products, not branding. So we decided to hire Rachel Menard from @studionordhaven and we are very happy we did!

Thank goodness we were seated at the same table at a Women’s Networking Event (where Rachel politely suggested she would love to design new labels for our products). Rachel understood our vision and values. We needed the brand to reflect our connection to nature, specifically the Georgian Bay area, and our desire to satisfy customers who share our values. We wanted a fresh clean natural look, to properly represent our product line.

We knew we wanted to highlight our face care line, as it was becoming very popular with our customers, and decided “pretty wild” was our starting point. We use beautiful botanical ingredients in our face care products, so our labels needed to portray this. Rachel came up with a label that both shocked and delighted us.

Our family has a favourite place on Georgian Bay, Bedwell Island, which we try to spend as much time at as we can. It’s a small Island and is exposed to many kinds of weather, which can switch from calm and tranquil, to rough and windy in the blink of an eye. Every summer we are thrilled and delighted when the wild roses bloom on Bedwell Island. Such beautiful delicate flowers, growing in an often rugged and wild environment. One weekend our son took some gorgeous pictures of the roses and an idea was planted.

The next week during a meeting with Rachel, she presented a sample of her label idea. It was crazy! She literally had a drawing of a wild rose, that was so similar to our son’s picture! A coincidence, maybe, but it was instantly decided that this was our label! Rachel listened; she understood our vision and what inspired us. We now have a label that captures a personal connection to nature, while reflecting a handcrafted natural product within. Formulated with beautiful botanical ingredients from the earth, that are both delicate and powerful, for people who value such things … it’s pretty wild!

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